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Nothing compares with Genuine Fuji Xerox Printers Consumables

Some manufacturers claim their consumables are comparable to Fuji Xerox Printers. But beware, they can’t offer the integrated design and strict quality control of Genuine Fuji Xerox Printers consumables. Cheap imitations can compromise print quality, reliability and performance - causing unnecessary downtime. Only Genuine Fuji Xerox Printers consumables are rigorously tested by Fuji Xerox Printers to ensure the best possible performance and reliability with Fuji Xerox Printers products. By continually perfecting our consumables technology, Fuji Xerox Printers improves the intelligence that protects your hardware investment.

Fuji Xerox EA Toner

What is EA Toner?

EA Toner is chemical toner prepared by Emulsion Aggregation, or a chemical process used to “grow” very small, uniform particle sizes from even smaller (sub-micron) size toner components. The EA process can deliver the desired size and narrow particle size distribution required for excellent color image quality. This small size and the relative uniformity of all the particles in a particular “batch” of EA toner is more predictable than the conventional mechanical process of pulverizing extruded plastic for toner. It is also less energy intensive. Emulsion refers to the synthetic chemical process to form latex toner resin and aggregation means to bring the toner ingredient’s particles together to form the desired particle size and spherical shape.

What is non-genuine


Counterfeit product is the making or selling of unauthorized copies of merchandise, it is an illegal practice. The counterfeit goods are marked with a "counterfeit mark" made to appear like the genuine trademark of the good. A counterfeit mark is a false mark that is used in connection with the trafficking in goods or services that is identical with or indistinguishable from a genuine mark. In the case of high technology, counterfeit products can be comprised of individual components, whole parts, finished product, packaging, documentation, software and even the cartons and boxes that finished goods are shipped in.

Counterfeit supplies products may result in poorer equipment performance, low supply yields, inferior print quality, toner leakage, high cartridge failure rates and increased equipment downtime - all of which cost time and money.

Refill or Remanufacturing Toner

Refill or remanufacturing is a legitimate industry and is in fact a competitor of Genuine Fuji Xerox toners. Though they are usually stated as compatibles, they are never endorsed by the brand owners. Such Non-Genuine toners may save you costs in the short term but may incur the hidden costs of repairing the machine, lower yields, etc.

Damage caused by non-genuine toner

  • Life of printer compromised
  • Permanent printer failure
  • Ongoing printing complications
  • Polluted engine bay and parts
  • Loss of hard earned income paying for inferior product
  • Page yields compromised

Beware of the "cheaper alternative"

Supplies counterfeiting is a seriously deceptive practice that has a negative impact on customer cost and overall satisfaction. The pennies you save now by purchasing a “cheaper alternative” could add up to an expensive repair bill down the road. Damage to your printer/product caused by Non-Fuji Xerox supplies is not covered under any Fuji Xerox warranty or service agreement and is the sole responsibility of the customer.